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FX Home Remodeling is New Jersey’s premiere construction contractor, offering a wide range of services for both commercial and residential properties, including fence repair and installation. The team at FX Home Remodeling has installed high quality fencing for businesses, buildings and homes all across New Jersey and beyond. At FX, our team of expert fence installers strive to help clients maintain their security, privacy and improve the overall look of their property, using some of the newest and most innovative techniques industry wide.

Why Do You Need Fencing on Your Home or Commercial Property?
A strong secure fence is a crucial component of any home renovation project as it provides privacy, security, and enhances the appearance of a property, while increasing property value. Fencing work with FX has a variety of different use cases, including personal protection, privacy, temporary construction site fencing, pool safety fencing and much more. Whether installing a new fence or replacing an existing one, FX is here to offer you the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your home or commercial property today.

Types of Fencing
At FX Home Remodeling, we install a wide range of fencing options – providing clients with all the privacy and security they need for residential homes and businesses alike! At FX, we offer:

  • Wood Fences: Wood fences provide a natural look and feel and are perfect for homeowners who want to add privacy and add to the aesthetics of their property.
  • Vinyl Fences: These fences are low-maintenance and come in a variety of styles and colors, making them a popular choice for homeowners who want a modern look and feel.
  • Steel & Aluminum Fences: These fences are perfect for both residential and commercial properties as they are sturdy, durable, and require minimal maintenance. Common ornamental option for fencing.
  • Chain Link Fences: A popular option for homes across New Jersey, chain link fences are economical and offer a high level of security, making them ideal for both residential and commercial properties.
  • High Security Fencing: Protective fencing can keep unwanted intruders out of your home or commercial property, while also offering animal barriers and ensures an extra layer of protection for anyone entering in and out of your property.

Temporary Construction Fencing: Performing home or property renovations? Keep valuable tools and materials safe, while protecting yourself and others from hazards and unwanted liabilities while your property is under construction.
And More!

At FX, we provide full service fence installation from start to finish, from the selection of appropriate fencing material and ground preparation, to setting the posts, attaching the panels, and more.

Fence Repair Services
Fences can become damaged due to wear and tear, storms, or accidents. At FX, our team of experienced professionals can repair any type of fence and ensure that it is functioning correctly – keeping you and your loved ones safe for years to come. Common fence repair services include:

  • Fence Post Replacement: Replacing broken or rotting fence posts ensuring stability of your fence long term.
  • Fence Panel Replacement: Replacing damaged or missing fence panels to restore the form and function.
  • Gate Repair: Repairing damaged or broken gates to ensure your security.
  • Staining and Sealing: Stains and sealants offer protection from weather damage and enhance the aesthetics of your home or commercial property.

Pool Safety Fencing in New Jersey
New Jersey state law indicates that all private and public pools must have protective fencing surrounding it to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all individuals in the area. Keep your loved ones and pool-goers safe, while enhancing the overall look of your home or commercial pool today!

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The team at FX Home Remodeling is committed to providing clients all across New Jersey with the best possible fence installation and repair services available today. With years of construction experience and high quality materials and equipment, FX strives to complete each and every project to spec, on-time and within budget! If you are in need of fence installation or repair services for your residential or commercial property, be sure to contact FX Home Remodeling today for your free consultation and quote.



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